Small items of great significance for use in glass fittings, doors and windows, industry and the marine world. The quality of our products is evident in both the material and the design.



Maritime beslag
We work to make sure that all the details on your boat work smoothly so that you can just enjoy the moment. We develop and produce all kinds of high-quality marine applications like Moorings, Deckfillers, Thru-hull fittings, Handles, Locks & Latches, Hinges, Vents, and also some electric equipment.
Industrial fittings
Our quality fittings are popular in all industrial sectors where quality, innovation, and reliability are crucial. For example, our unique brackets RAKEGO and ROBUST can be found in hospitals, the furniture industry and in marine equipment all over the world.
Dør- og vinduesbeslag
“All the small things that matters” til dine vinduer og døre. Dørhanke, hængsler, karmoverføringer, dørgreb, og kantrigler er bare nogle få eksempler på vores stort program af dørbeslag. Vindues greb, stormkroge, låse, og hængsler er bare nogle af de beslag du finder her.
Oplev vores brede udvalg af smarte kvalitets beslag til glasdøre, systemer til gelændere og skydedøre og vores løsninger til brusevægge og døre.

Safe and user-friendly windshield wiper systems with a bulletproof sweep and pressure, designed to fit each individual windscreen perfectly.

Smoke ventilation
Our products related to smoke ventilation.
The quality of our unique brackets is discernible in both the material and design. The subtle details mean that they are safer to use than other brackets. Through constant development and rigorous sustainability tests in different environments, our products are made to last for years. That comes across every time you use them.
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