Wiper control system

A wiper control system for 2, 3, 4, or 5 wiper motors. With the microcontroller-based control panel you can operate each wiper separately.

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The control panel is connected to the control box by one serial cable (CANBUS cable) with two 8 pole plugs.
Each wiper can be operated separately.


  • Fits W10, W12, W38, W38L, W25 and W50
  • Three intermittent speeds
  • One or two continuous speeds
  • Synchronized sweeps at any mode
  • Motor brake
  • Washing program
  • An additive control panel can be added to work from different stations

The system is composed of one control panel* and one control box which are sold separately.

* You can also choose a switch instead of a panel.


Item noDescriptionFitsPå lager i
532200Switch and cable set2 to 5 motorsEuropa + Asien
532212Control boxUp to 2 motorsEuropa + Asien
532213Control boxUp to 3 motorsEuropa + Asien
532214Control boxUp to 4 motorsProduced on demand
532215Control boxUp to 5 motorsEuropa
532222Panel2 motorsEuropa + Asien
532223Panel3 motorsEuropa + Asien
532224Panel4 motorsProduced on demand
532225Panel5 motorsEuropa
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