SLUG OC-205 Lock cylinder

A Scandinavian oval standard lock cylinder that is locked and unlocked with a fire brigade key.

The in-built safety-mechanism prevents intrusion with a screwdriver or similar.

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The  SLUG OC-205 fire brigade lock cylinder is an oval Scandinavian cylinder in standard dimension, used with a fire brigade key type Aledal BOM 205 or similar.

The SLUG OC-205 is mainly used for the locking of:

  • smoke hatches
  • fire alarm control panels
  • roadblocks
  • cabinets adapted for oval cylinders
  • storage of fire-fighting equipment
  • fire escape stairs

…but can also be used for:

  • locking at low-security requirements
  • locking for children and animals (dangerous environments)
  • ladder locking
  • locking of fences and lattices
  • locking of public toilets


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943100BrassChrome platedEuropa
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