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Window handles with endless possibilities

Do you remember building with LEGO as a child? It was possible to create an endless number of models with the same pieces. And so it is with our window handles. We have a variety of “building blocks” that can be assembled in many different ways according to desired functions. This means that you’ll require fewer parts, and, in turn, we can offer products at a good price and the highest quality.

Prästö, Tyresö, and Björkö all share the same characteristics: a firm, rattle-free grip and the most refined elegance – regardless of whether you’re after a retro, modern or classic look.


How to create elegant windows with the right choice of handle:


Björkö, Prästö & Tyresö

Our impressive range of window handles continues to expand.

No window is complete without the right handle and related accessories. In addition to handles, our series also contains all the associated window fittings you may need.




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